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Car Companies Respond To Who Killed The Electric Car

Finally, a car company has responded to this burning question: Who Killed The Electric Car?

Toyota has stepped forward to inform everyone that people killed the electric car. Buyers don’t want the things. Consumers can’t see paying top dollar for a failed automotive technology that existed 100 years ago. In a nutshell, electric vehicles make neither financial nor business sense.

Toyota, as with other car manufacturers, are sitting on a product that few people want. Toyota is praying that the sale of its RAV4 electric car will hit 2,600 units across the world. That number will finally exhaust its stock of vehicles that nobody wants. Toyota also announced that it was killing the launch of a second electric car.

Electric cars are the pet rocks of the automotive world. People found the pet rock idea cute but soon discovered that they had no other use beyond cuteness.

Hybrid vehicles, though, are a different matter. Toyota is gearing up to manufacture 21 hybrids for its stable in the next three years. A total of 14 completely new hybrids will be offered to consumers. Perhaps this is where electric car technology will find a home.

In the meantime, the new electric car is going the way of the old electric car before it.

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